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8 Toddler-Friendly Christmas Treats for the Holiday Season

Toddler-Friendly Christmas Treats for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy, wonder, and creating lasting memories with our loved ones, especially the little ones who add an extra sparkle to the festivities. Celebrating this magical time of the year involves sharing joy with our toddlers by crafting a delightful array of toddler-friendly Christmas treats. These sweet and savory delights not only cater to their tiny taste buds but also serve as a wonderful bonding activity for the entire family. 

Toddler-Friendly Christmas Treats: A Festive Adventure in Every Bite

1. Jingle Bell Fruit Wands

Start the holiday cheer by introducing a burst of colors and flavors with Jingle Bell fruit wands. This fun and nutritious treat will not only captivate your toddler’s attention but also provide a healthy alternative to traditional sweets. Gather an assortment of vibrant fruits like strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries. Cut them into bite-sized pieces and let your little one string them onto colorful skewers. The result? A festive treat that resembles jingling bells and is packed with essential vitamins.

As you and your toddler assemble these toddler-friendly Christmas treats, take a moment to discuss the colors and shapes of the fruits to engage their senses. Encourage them to create their own patterns, fostering creativity while enjoying a nutritious snack.

Christmas treats toddler looking at plate

2. Santa’s North Pole Popsicles

When the holiday season heats up, cool things down with Santa’s North Pole popsicles. These icy delights offer a refreshing break and provide a guilt-free treat for your little one. Create a blend of yogurt and pureed fruits like mangoes or berries. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds, adding a surprise twist by placing a small toy at the center of each popsicle – a delightful discovery as your toddler indulges in the frosty treat.

Discuss the concept of freezing and melting with your toddler as you wait for the popsicles to set. This simple science lesson adds an educational touch to the treat-making process. As your little one enjoys their popsicle, share stories about the North Pole and the magic that fills the air during the holiday season.

3. Reindeer Rice Krispie Treats

Bring a touch of whimsy to your holiday treats with Reindeer Rice Krispie Treats. These adorable, toddler-friendly Christmas treats are sure to become a festive favorite. Prepare a batch of classic Rice Krispie treats and shape them into small rectangles. Use pretzels for antlers, chocolate chips for eyes, and a red candy (such as a cinnamon candy or red M&M) for Rudolph’s nose. Watch as your toddler’s eyes light up with delight while transforming ordinary treats into festive reindeer.

Engage your little one in a playful discussion about reindeers and their role in pulling Santa’s sleigh. This adds an element of storytelling to the treat-making process and sparks their imagination. Encourage them to give each reindeer a unique name, turning this culinary adventure into a whimsical journey through the North Pole.

Christmas treats Gingerbread Snowflakes

4. Gingerbread Snowflakes

Capture the essence of winter with Gingerbread Snowflakes – a delightful twist on the classic gingerbread cookie. Create a batch of gingerbread dough and let your toddler use snowflake-shaped cookie cutters to make festive shapes. While decorating, provide an array of colorful icing, edible glitter, and small candies. Watch as their creativity comes to life, turning each snowflake into a unique and delicious masterpiece.

As you engage in this delightful activity, discuss the beauty of snowflakes and how each one is special in its own way. This emphasizes the uniqueness of every individual – a valuable lesson for your growing toddler. The end result is not just a plate of cookies but a collection of edible art.

5. Peppermint Twist Sandwich Bites

Add a burst of holiday flavor with peppermint twist sandwich bites. Use candy cane-shaped cookie cutters to create mini sandwiches with festive fillings. Consider using cream cheese and crushed peppermint for a delightful twist or peanut butter and jelly for a more traditional option. The combination of flavors and the playful candy cane shape make these bites a hit with toddlers and adults alike.

While crafting these sandwich bites, discuss the significance of candy canes during the holiday season. Share stories about their history and the joy they bring. This introduces cultural and historical elements to your toddler’s holiday experience. 

Christmas Treats Vegetable Christmas Tree

6. Festive Veggie Christmas Trees

Ensure your toddlers get their share of veggies with festive veggie Christmas trees. These edible trees not only add a pop of color to your holiday table but also provide a healthy and visually appealing treat. Arrange a variety of colorful vegetable sticks – like cherry tomatoes, bell pepper strips, and cucumber slices – in the shape of a Christmas tree. Use cream cheese as a tasty “glue” to hold the veggies together, and top with a star-shaped piece of cheese.

While constructing these edible trees, involve your toddler in a discussion about the importance of eating a variety of colorful vegetables. This encourages healthy eating habits and turns the process into a positive and informative experience for your little one.

7. Snowman Cheese Balls

Turn snack time into a winter wonderland with Snowman Cheese Balls. These whimsical treats are not only adorable but also a savory delight for toddlers. Create small cheese balls, roll them in finely shredded coconut to resemble snow, and decorate with small carrot pieces for noses and black olive slices for eyes and buttons. These Snowman Cheese Balls are a playful addition to your holiday spread, combining the joy of crafting with the deliciousness of a cheesy snack.

While assembling these snowmen, engage your toddler in a discussion about snow and the different shapes it can take. This simple conversation transforms snack preparation into an opportunity to explore the wonders of the season.

Christmas Treats Snowman Cheese Balls

8. Cinnamon-Scented Play Dough Ornaments

Combine the joy of sensory play with a delightful treat by making cinnamon-scented play dough ornaments. This non-edible treat offers a unique and aromatic experience for toddlers. Create a simple play dough recipe using flour, salt, water, and cinnamon for a festive scent. Roll out the dough and use holiday-themed cookie cutters to create ornaments. Once dry, your toddler can paint and decorate the ornaments, turning them into charming keepsakes.

As you engage in this sensory play activity, discuss the different scents associated with the holiday season. This stimulates your toddler’s senses and introduces them to the idea that treats can come in various forms, including those meant for play and creativity.


It is essential to savor the sweet moments created in the kitchen with your toddler. These toddler-friendly Christmas treats are not just about satisfying a sweet tooth. They are a gateway to exploration, creativity, and the joy of learning.  The true magic of the holiday season lies not just in the treats themselves but in the joyous moments spent together. It’s a legacy of love and warmth that transcends the delicious flavors of these toddler-friendly Christmas treats.

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