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Best Hands-On Toys for Toddlers in 2024 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Best Hands-On Toys for Toddlers

Are you a parent or friend of a parent looking for some toddler educational toys? Toys that help promote learning and laughter at the same time? These are quality toys, durable, with integrated technology to make them fun and educational. Check out our list for 2023!

The List Of The Best Hands-on Toys For Toddlers

Below are our top suggestions:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet

best hands-on toys for little ones

Key Features:

  • Classic toy
  • Helps to develop the fine motor skills
  • High-quality wooden construction
  • Ideal for 2-4 years


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy with Mallet is one of the best learning toys for toddlers because it is colorful and has non-removable pegs which can go up and down.

A sturdy wooden mallet is added. Children will get delighted to do this. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination with fine motor skills.

Manufacturers have been in this industry for over 30 years and have already created beautifully designed toys. Wooden bench with a mallet to pound pegs.

Each peg is for creating a fun game for learning and development. It is the best thing to keep kids indulged in any activity. Parents have called this toy great because their kids love to have this.


  • Durable quality
  • Ideal for developing fine motor skills
  • Easy to grasp


  • Expensive

Educational Interlocking Building Blocks (Full of Fun for Kids)

the easy to learn hands-on toys

Key Features:

  • Build creativity
  • Intriguing more fun with these building blocks
  • Engaging and colorful choice
  • Hands-on Learning Development


Educational Interlocking Building Blocks, 200 Pc. Set is one of the exciting toys with twisting, locking, and linking. It helps children to develop their cognitive and logical abilities.

It’s pretty much easier for kids to play, and manufacturers have designed this game by keeping in mind kids’ excitement levels. It will get stable and not easy to fall off.

You will see each edge with a circular arc design and smooth. This toy is for developing intelligence and hands-on abilities. This interlocking building blocks are bright, colorful, and engaging which are designed with the best quality and BPA-free plastic, which is perfect for toddler and preschool children.

This toy is ideal for hands-on learning and building eye coordination and sensory development. These blocks are colorful, and children can arrange them according to different needs.


  • Larger than wooden blocks
  • Good types of shapes


  • Pricier than traditional wooden blocks

AMOSTING Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard (Early Learning Educational Toys)

good toys for hand to eye coordination

Key Features:

  • Creative Playtime
  • Educational Set to develop the fine motor skills
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Manufactured by durable quality
  • Comes with a storage tray to store buttons and cards


AMOSTING Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard Early Learning Educational Toys is one of the popular educational toys for toddlers aged 3years. Color mosaic pegboard toy has a stylish design that will be eye catchy for the kids.

Toy engages your kid with colorful imagery and the action of putting all the buttons into the proper holes. This Set includes 46 chunky buttons in major seven bright colors. Light blue, fuchsia, yellow and green with orange and purple.

The Set comes with a red tray for holding all these pieces. Pegboard has 10 laminated templated for preschool images such as bird, umbrella, train, and house. You would find these pieces sturdy and fit well together. This is easy to manipulate for small children.

It is entertaining for kids and quite satisfying with the opening of each template. If you haven’t bought this yet, then hands on to this toy.


  • Fun activity
  • Bright colors
  • Lots of Pictures
  • Simple and interesting
  • Ideal for ages 3 and up


  • No instruction manual is given

WOOD CITY Toddler Fine Motor Skills Toys

low budget toys for coordination among hands and eye

Key Features:

  • Best Preschool learning toy
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Brilliant colored toys
  • Eco-Friendly material
  • Ideal for age 3 plus


WOOD CITY Toddler Fine Motor Skills Toys, Bee to Hive Matching Game gives the best gaming experience to improve children’s learning ability by simply tweezing to pick up bees and sorting them into the correct color combination.

If your child doesn’t put the bees in matching colors, then learning to match is difficult for toddlers. This toy will help to get more ability for cooperative Play.

Model matching should be narrated to your child. They should know why they are putting yellow bees, and the red hole is so creative. It comes with 7 colorful bees and a set of tweezers.

It’s a perfect birthday gift, holiday gift, and great fun would be for 3 years old.


  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • High quality build
  • Great value for the money


  • Not suitable for kids under 2 years

Busy Cube Travel Toys for Toddlers 1-3 (Busy Board)

high quality toys coordination

Key Features:

  • Engage busy board for toddlers
  • Improve hands-on ability
  • Great Toddler travel toys
  • Develop life skills for kids


Busy cube Travel Toys for toddlers is one of the best activity cubes to keep your kids engaged. If you want to gift these educational toys to 3-4 years olds, then go ahead.

They would love this. Manufacturers have paid close attention to its design by making this fascinating. The base is made up of high quality.

This activity is for keeping active toddlers and helps in development. This is best for improving hand-eye coordination and demonstrating cause and effect.

Cube has so many educational activities. This cube toy has different 6 sides, and each side is different. The base is high-quality wood and installed with a clock and fingertip, universal wheel, retro wooden case lock. It is an ideal travel toy that helps to think quietly.


  • Easy to grasp for little hands
  • Made up of safe materials
  • Durable


  • Nothing yet

What Else Do You Need To Consider When Picking Educational Toys?

Many parents are planning to give educational toys to their kids for enjoyment and Play. The majority don’t want to indulge their kids with toys too much because of the wastage of time.

Toys boost kids’ creativity and help towards learning during their growing years. Toys improve the skills, and parents would be much happier to see their kids learning and growing.

There are so many educational toys that are specifically designed for the child’s development, and here we are going to share what else you people need to consider for selecting educational toys.

Figure out the interest of the child

Educational toys for kids should be selected based on their interest because it will affect the child, and they may lose interest in it. If you don’t want to stop playing, then always identify the child’s interest.

Please don’t force your interest on them. Various manufacturers are developing educational toys for kids to develop creativity in preschool days and growing years. We should always go for those toys that are age-appropriate. Whatever toys you will buy should match the child’s ability; otherwise, it would lose interest.

Go for open-ended toys

Always choose the toys which can be used in multiple ways to avoid boredom. Educational toys stimulate critical thinking. This is the best choice to select open-ended toys to use these toys and enjoy creating something on your own innovatively.

Individualize approach

Toys create a learning environment, and it’s essential to select the right toy for a child’s particular age. Toys improve their skills and encourage independent learning.

If you think about those toys, it makes your child want to discover them. Make sure you have checked the consumer’s review and age recommendation, but the choice mostly depends on your child, not on other people’s opinion about the toy.

Enhance motor development

Educational toys are best for developing sensory-motor skills in children. It has colorful and vibrant lights to enhance the sight of small kids. Get crafty toys and activities to improve fine motor skills and promote kids’ better personality and communication skills.

Toys should promote social skills and collaborative play

Always encourage your children with those toys which build self-confidence and communication. These toys promote the development of social skills such as board games and puzzles for building materials. When your children grow, you need to learn different development skills such as teamwork and problem-solving.

A video showing some popular activities to do with your kids to improve hand to eye coordination


What toys help kids learn?

It would help if you had pegboard puzzles, nesting cups or blocks, buckets with holes, and different shaped blocks to improve hand-eye coordination to let them know about problem-solving skills.

What are other good learning toys for toddlers?

What toys should every kid have?

Every kid should have blocks, balls, art supplies, cars and vehicles, puzzles, small figures, and musical instruments.

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