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Best Stroller For Big Kids in 2024 (100 lbs Weight Capacity)

Best Stroller For Big Kids

The best stroller for big kids needs to be comfortable and easy to maneuver on different surfaces. Your child should fit in easily without any effort.

A stroller tailored to accommodate heavier kids should prioritize easy folding, granting you the freedom to carry it wherever you want. Additionally, it’s crucial to evaluate the sturdiness of the stroller’s construction. Opt for materials like aluminum or other robust components that can withstand the weight of your child and the wear and tear of regular usage, including transporting it to and from your vehicle.

For your convenience, we present our recommendation for the best stroller for big kids this 2023. However, if you have the time to read the full guide, we encourage you to delve into the final two strollers on our list.

Best Stroller For Big Kids

Our Overall Top Pick - Graco Fast Action Stroller

Here are our top picks:

Dream On Me Coast Stroller Rider (Overall Best Stroller for Big Kids)

Key Features:

    • Lightweight and sturdy aluminium frame

    • Soft Ride wheels

    • Folds inward like a book

    • Easy to assemble

    • The stroller function is ideal for a minimum 6 months  old

    • Max weight is 45 lbs.


Dream On Me’s Coast Stroller Rider is an exceptional fusion of lightweight design and functionality, making it the best stroller for big kids. It provides an enjoyable experience for younger children as well as engages older ones in the transportation process.

However, some components of the stroller exhibit challenges in usability and quality. Certain users report discomfort in the seating compared to other brands. Unfortunately, its comfort level is not optimal.

Setting the brakes can pose difficulties, though releasing them is comparatively easier due to a dual-action brake that requires the simultaneous activation of two pedals. The seating option lacks a recline feature, and the padding is minimal.

Younger riders might find the absence of a footrest discomforting, causing their legs to dangle off the edge. Notably, this stroller lacks compatibility with car seats, catering mainly to older infants and toddlers.

While it excels in providing amusement for older children, it is confined to specific scenarios and is not the most practical choice for frequent use. It lacks a sunshade, potentially hindering your little one’s naptime under sunlight. Furthermore, it is missing useful features such as a sunshade or a storage basket.


  • Superb maneuverability
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Impressive build quality
  • Foldable anywhere
  • Effortless installation


    • Hard to fold down

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Compact Travel Baby Stroller

Key features:

    • Maneuverable due to its lightweight design

    • Easy to Assemble

    • Quick and Easy fold

    • Smooth ride for baby

    • Multiple features for a lightweight stroller

    • Ideal for travel and trips

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Baby Stroller is an affordable umbrella stroller and the best stroller for big kids that is pretty much easy to use.

It offers user-friendly attributes that simplify usage. The Cloud model stands out with a weight of 12.6 pounds, lighter compared to competing strollers. This stroller is designed to provide a range of features that enhance its usability.

Cloud boasts a one-handed folding process and unfolds with a manual lock and self-standing capabilities. This stroller has plastic wheels with a dual front wheel design which makes maneuverability somewhat challenging. Nevertheless, its performance on flat surfaces is impressively smooth.

The stroller is very much easier to fold and can easily engage the lock of the wheels. This stroller offers storage space and has a reclining seat with a five-point safety restraint system.

The canopy on the Cloud model is moderately sized, allowing for easy visibility. The stroller incorporates a five-point harness with a user-friendly buckle requiring separate actions on each side.

With a leg rest and a one-handed strap for seat reclining, this budget-friendly stroller offers convenience for users.


    • Lightweight stroller

    • Multi-position recline

    • Five-point harness

    • Easy compact fold


    • Incompatible with car seats

    • Limited space in the stroller basket

Jeep Unlimited Reversible Handle Stroller

(Low Budget Stroller for Big Kids with 100 lbs Capacity)

Key Features:

    • Compatible with car seats

    • Prioritizes child comfort

    • Makes travelling easier

    • Ensures a smooth ride experience

The Jeep Unlimited Reversible Handle Stroller is designed to accommodate the growth of your child. It can be used as an alternative to a travel system, boasting compatibility with infant car seats.

The stroller is suitable for infants, and as your child grows up to 50 pounds or more, you can utilize it in conjunction with a car seat. With a weight capacity of 100 lbs, this stroller stands as a reliable choice, making it the top stroller for big kids.

Switching between stroller modes is effortless by simply reversing the direction. An extendable canopy provides protection against sunlight, and the stroller features three reclining positions and a child footrest.

Ample storage space and a convenient snack tray further enhance its practicality. The stroller folds down with ease and remains compact for storage. Moreover, when paired with a compatible car seat, it seamlessly transforms into a travel system.

The three-position reclining seat prioritizes the comfort of your baby, complemented by a 5-point safety harness for enhanced security. Its front swivel wheel and shock-absorbing rear wheel ensure a comfortable journey for passengers.


    • Quick and compact fold

    • Adjustable footrest for better comfort

    • Brakes on all four wheels

    • Reversible handle for added convenience

    • Compatibility with car seats

    • Extendable canopy for sun protection


    • Challenging maneuverability with reversed handle

    • Heavy

    • No peekaboo window for monitoring the baby

Graco Fast Action Fold Jogging Stroller

Key Features:

    • Ventilated sun canopy

    • Lockable front swivel wheel

    • 16-inch air-filled tires in black

    • Footrest for child comfort

    • 3 or 5 points adjustable safety harness

The Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller excels in convenience and comfort for a baby jogging stroller. This swivel front-wheel jogger adeptly navigates tight corners for everyday use. It accommodates a single occupant and can support up to 100 lbs in weight.

The stroller’s seat provides comfort and the ability to recline to a flat position, ensuring your baby can sleep comfortably while you engage in jogging activities. Its robust build ensures stability and prevents tipping over.

The air-filled tires, measuring 16 inches, contribute to a smooth ride, while the front swivel wheel can be locked for added stability when needed. These features collectively enable the stroller to navigate diverse terrains effectively.


    • Efficient one-handed folding design

    • Swivel wheel turns corners with ease and can be converted to a fixed front-wheel jogger

    • Easy to remove wheels for storage, transportation


    • Some users find the stroller bulky

    • Shorter parents feel the handle is too high

    • The kickstand falls off and  must be re-attached

Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller (Great Quality and Lightweight)

Key features:

    • Removable seats for flexibility

    • Built-in bench seat

    • Easy one-handed folding mechanism

    • Spacious storage basket

    • Lockable front swivel wheel

    • Equipped with two cup holders for kids

Graco Duo Glider Double Stroller is a versatile double stroller for big kids, a newer and updated version of the stroller. If you have two toddlers and two babies and want to push together, this would be a perfect choice.

This Glider has great features, including lots of storage underneath. Quick stopping is simple with a single-foot brake. You don’t need to be worried about slipping problems.

It is considered a great quality double stroller and a top stroller for big kids with comfortable seating. This stroller has a child tray, one for the parents at back.

Folding is quite easy with an underneath storage basket which is super convenient for shopping. Front wheels are lockable and making it easier to move into tighter situations.


    • Ideal for newborns and toddlers

    • The seating arrangement allows the child to see more

    • Lots of storage space and adjustable harness

    • The seats of the stroller can move independently

    • Stadium-style seating provides a better view

    • Wheels have suspension for a smooth ride

    • One year warranty


    • not easy to hook with car seats

    • Wheels can’t move with added weight

Different Types Of Strollers You Should Know About

Different types of strollers for children are available for different situations, from jogging to walking around the neighborhood. Here are a few types of strollers:

All-purpose Stroller

Commonly referred to as a day or full-size stroller, the all-purpose stroller is versatile enough to serve as the perfect companion for neighborhood strolls.

These strollers offer a harmonious blend of a smooth ride and practical features. Pricing may vary among manufacturers, with some models allowing seat direction adjustments or the addition of extra seats or a stroller board at a later stage.

Lightweight Strollers

Alternatively known as travel strollers or umbrella strollers, lightweight strollers are designed to be notably lighter than standard strollers. They require less effort to lift in and out of car trunks, making them convenient for on-the-go parents. Navigating through narrow doorways and crowded sidewalks is a breeze with these strollers, making them a popular choice for travel.

Jogging Strollers

For parents who wish to maintain an active lifestyle while keeping their baby close, jogging strollers are the ideal choice. These strollers feature oversized wheels, with a front wheel that can swivel for increased stability at higher speeds. They excel in traversing bumpy and uneven terrain.

However, it’s important to note that jogging with infants in such strollers is not advisable until they reach eight months of age due to the heavy and bulky design.

Double Strollers

Families with two children close in age or twins will find double strollers to be a practical solution. There are two common designs: side-by-side doubles and in-line doubles. Many of these strollers are convertible, initially equipped with a single seat but designed to accommodate an additional seat for a second child. A variety of reputable brands offer top-notch double strollers to meet your specific needs.


What is the usual weight limit for strollers?

Most strollers have a standard weight limit of 33 lbs or 15 kg.

At what age do kids go in strollers?

Children can typically start using strollers around 5-6 months of age.

At what age should a child stop using a stroller?

It is recommended that children stop using strollers for mobility when they reach 3 years of age.

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