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Happy Toddler Playtime Activities During Thanksgiving

Happy Toddler Playtime Activities During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, and, of course, a whole lot of turkey! While the adults are busy preparing the feast, it’s important not to forget about the littlest members of the family—our adorable toddlers. Keep the little tykes entertained and happy with these delightful toddler playtime activities during Thanksgiving that will make their faces light up with joy.

7 Happy Toddler Playtime Activities During Thanksgiving

1. Turkey Trot Dance Party

Get ready to groove with your toddler in a Turkey Trot Dance Party! This is one of the most enjoyable toddler playtime activities during Thanksgiving. Pump up the volume with catchy tunes that make their tiny toes tap. Wrap your toddler in vibrant scarves or top their tiny head with a turkey feather headband for extra excitement. As the music kicks in, watch their adorable attempts at the Turkey Trot, a dance uniquely theirs.  

Turkey Trot Dance

Capture the joy on their faces as they spin, twirl, and boogie down, creating heartwarming memories that’ll last long after the last dance note fades away. So, put on your dancing shoes, hit play on the playlist, and let the Turkey Trot Dance Party turn your Thanksgiving into a toddler-sized celebration of pure happiness!

2. Pumpkin Pie Playdough

Happy Toddler Playtime Activities During ThanksgivingWho needs a bakery when you can whip up some pumpkin pie playdough magic? The pumpkin pie playdough is on the list of happy toddler playtime activities during Thanksgiving.  This homemade playdough recipe transforms ordinary playtime into a sensory extravaganza. Just mix up a batch with a hint of pumpkin spice and let the little sculptors loose. As your toddler’s fingers dive into the squishy goodness, they’ll shape mini pumpkin pies, whimsical pumpkins, and whatever else their imagination dreams up. 

This activity is a hands-on journey through textures and scents, igniting their senses. With each squeeze and mold, they’re not just creating; they’re crafting sweet memories of holiday fun. The Pumpkin Pie Playdough is a recipe for joy, turning your toddler’s playtime into a pumpkin-scented paradise of smiles and endless possibilities!

3. Cornucopia Craft Corner

Thanksgiving Crafts for KidsTurn your home into a crafting kingdom with the Cornucopia Craft Corner. Set up a crafting haven with colorful paper, glue, and safety scissors, transforming your little one into a mini artist. With every snip and stick, they’ll assemble their own horn of plenty, adorned with fall fruits and veggies. This crafting activity is a hands-on exploration of shapes, colors, and the beauty of Thanksgiving. As your toddler proudly displays their masterpiece, they’re not just showcasing art; they’re showcasing their newfound skills.

The Cornucopia Craft Corner isn’t just a crafting station; it’s a gateway to creating cherished memories and a festive table centerpiece that sparks smiles and holiday spirit. So, grab those art supplies, and watch as your toddler’s imagination blossoms in this crafting haven, turning ordinary paper into a Thanksgiving masterpiece!

4. Gratitude Gobble

Introduce your little one to the magic of gratitude with the Gratitude Gobble game. Equip them with paper feathers and let the gratitude journey begin. As they scribble or draw what makes them smile, these feathers become building blocks for a thankful turkey, a visual reminder of life’s joys. It’s not just a craft; it’s a simple yet powerful lesson in appreciating the good stuff. 

The Gratitude Gobble activity fosters a sense of thankfulness in your toddler’s heart. Each feather they add is a small celebration of positivity and a delightful introduction to the warm fuzzies of gratitude. So, dive into this crafty adventure, where your toddler’s artwork transforms into a tangible expression of thanks. It makes Thanksgiving even more special!

5. Harvest Sensory Bin Bonanza

Dive into a sensory wonderland with the Harvest Sensory Bin Bonanza. Fill a shallow container with dried corn kernels, gourds, and fabric in rich autumn hues, creating a sensory wonderland. Let your toddler’s tiny fingers explore the textures and shapes hidden within. This activity is an immersive experience that engages their sense of touch, sight, and even sound. With every handful and squeeze, they’re not just playing; they’re enhancing their cognitive development. 

Beright Sensory Bin ToysThe Harvest Sensory Bin is one of the best toddler playtime activities during Thanksgiving. It’s not just about objects in a container; it’s about creating a symphony of sensations that turn a simple playtime into an enriching adventure. So, invite your toddler to this sensory feast, where textures reign supreme, and the joy of discovery is as abundant as the fall harvest!

6. Pie Pan Puzzles

Transform pie pans into puzzling playgrounds for your little problem-solvers with Pie Pan Puzzles. Draw simple shapes or holiday objects on the bottom, cut them out, and witness the puzzle-solving extravaganza unfold. This activity unlocks the secrets of shapes and spatial relationships. As your toddler matches and assembles, each click of a piece is a victory, a celebration of their budding problem-solving prowess.

The Pie Pan Puzzles are about filling your toddler’s day with a sense of accomplishment and joy. Watch their eyes light up with each successful fit, turning a humble pie pan into a platform for learning and triumph. So, grab those scissors, draw those shapes, and let the puzzle party begin, where every piece is a stepping stone to a proud, puzzle-solving toddler!

toddler playing with bubbles

7. Bountiful Bubbles Bash

Start an outdoor adventure that will have your toddler chasing joy with Bountiful Bubbles Bash. Blow bubbles into the crisp autumn air, and let the magic unfold as your toddler reaches for iridescent wonders. This is also one of the most enjoyable toddler playtime activities during Thanksgiving that brings laughter and delight. With each pop and chase, your toddler isn’t just playing; they’re experiencing the pure magic of simple pleasures. 

The Bountiful Bubbles Bash will create moments that float in their memories long after the bubbles have disappeared. The backyard transforms into a haven of giggles and wonder as tiny hands try to catch shimmering orbs. So, grab a bottle of bubble solution, head outside, and let the Bountiful Bubbles Bash turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary playdate with happiness, where every bubble brings a burst of joy!

This holiday, make sure the tiniest members of the family have a feast of fun with these happy toddler playtime activities during Thanksgiving. From turkey trot dance parties to pumpkin pie playdough, these simple, engaging ideas will create lasting memories for both toddlers and their grown-up companions. As you gather around the table to give thanks, know that these moments of joy and laughter are the true ingredients of a happy and memorable Thanksgiving celebration.

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